SolaGrow modular glasshouse and building structures provide a zero carbon environment for conventional or hydroponic growing.


Our unique building features integrated, PV solar roof panels, providing adequate power for hydroponics, lighting and control systems as well as for processing, chilling and even EV deliveries.


SolaGrow can make many crops financially viable through the duality of income from the energy generation and crops sales.


It allows the ability to grow

What you want, Where you want, When you want.


Ideal for growing barley shoot fodder, super foods, medicinal plants, leafs and vegetables, it can also make algae biofuel and algae water cleansing systems financially viable.


Using a patented, lightweight structural frame to allow for use both in fields and city roofs.


SolaGrow efficiently and effectively solves several problems facing the agricultural sector:




WATER: Agriculture uses 70% of the worlds fresh water and it is running out fast. SolaGrow uses only 2% of conventional growing water and can also harvest rainwater.


FOOD SECURITY: Domestic production is less than 60% and falling SolaGrow allows local consistent growing of crops irrespective of original national origin.


FOOD MILES: Many crops travel thousand of miles but SolaGrow allows growing locally to the consumer.


GREEN HOUSE GAS:  Agriculture produces more CO2 than all forms of transport combined. SolaGrow needs no heavy machinery or plant and the PV can provide clean energy.


POLLUTION: Pesticides, fertilizers and slurry are polluting water courses and oceans. SolaGrow use no pesticides or fertilizers and can clean slurry with algae systems.


HUNGER / MALNUTRITION: Due to lack of protein, iron and Vitamin A.

SolaGrow can produce ten tons per day of crops rich in all of these, and be sited local to need.